Post-Covid & The change
Coronavirus has brought to the new world

22 APRIL 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has been the most challenging time in human history. It has had a drastic impact on different aspects of life, especially the economy. More than 50% of businesses closed during the Coronavirus pandemic and won’t be reopening including restaurants suffering the most alongside supply chains also getting disrupted.

“The global economy will continue suffering from the worst financial recession since the great depression.”

The biggest global business story prior to Covid-19 was a brisk acceleration of the rate of technology evolution—and it is still undergoing a transformation that ensures the industry’s continued growth.

Technologies biggest growth happened when tech and non-tech companies started showing great interest in working remotely as the pandemic started.

As the pandemic started many industries took charge and saw a huge growth like app developers, as many companies were caught off guard with no way to conduct their business because they had never looked into the online option before COVID. Therefore, app developers came in and helped businesses by creating apps and online websites, so they are able to reach their customers this meant that a huge percentage of businesses continued their business online during the pandemic. Web and App developers were able to help businesses continue by creating platforms with online ordering and payment options and this simple addition helped businesses survive.

Graphic designers have also seen a huge increase in demand as many are working remotely and need new and eye-catching graphics on their feeds to continue to stay relevant or new businesses have opened with people needing professional graphics for their websites and apps.

As a huge percentage of businesses and companies are operating online now due to COVID and many apps and websites are emerging, digital marketing is an incredibly valuable asset as businesses and companies are constantly looking for agencies such as digital marketers to take the noise and stand out against their competitors online by taking roles on for targeted advertising, web consulting, social media and analytics.

Therefore, it is clear that online platforms have now become an essential for many companies as most have closed their physical offices due to cutting expenses during the pandemic and keeping staff safe, Therefore working remotely has become a necessity for almost all companies and the demand is high for a smooth working platform so there is popular websites and applications like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft team, etc., but many have started developing their own platforms exclusive to their business/company so now is the time for developing a digital remote working app and website that helps people work remotely and communicate better.

Stay tuned for part 2 where you will read more about how COVID has changed

businesses and how it has changed the world forever.