Management App

The PayEat management app will be your dedicated trusty assistant helping you easily access many features from your phone and allowing you to be in control of all your finances.

With the PayEat Management App you are able to:

Open & Close your online ordering website easily through the app whenever you need!

Issue refunds easily and securely without having to call us, it’s very simply and straight forward and all customers will also receive a receipt for the refund issued!

View your invoices weekly as well as accessing an archive of your invoices from the previous weeks or months straight through the app

Easily and securely add or change bank accounts through the app and withdraw money to your bank accounts.

Withdraw money from your PayEat account whenever you need do

Adjust online ordering menus such as adding or removing items straight away without having to wait

View and access your order history throughout the year as well as being able to view live orders!