Post-Covid & The change
Coronavirus has brought to the new world (part 2)

28 APRIL 2021

The pandemic has affected everyone around the world and as many people were left without a job as it couldn’t be done remotely or simply the business never made it through the first phase of the pandemic, Many turned to starting an online consultancy business such as online music classes, consultancy sessions, cooking\bakery classes, dietician consultancies and personal trainers providing workout classes.

Alongside online consultancy, E-learning has never been so serious with the pandemic shutting down schools and higher education such as colleges and universities, And now the world is experiencing a new phase in education and it has certainly become the rival for the traditional education system. However after the pandemic is over, majority of the education system will be going back to normal but some E-learning will stay as students with different backgrounds mentally and physically could benefit from E-learning and teachers are constantly looking for a more efficient platform to connect with students.

So the business opportunity with online education is providing help to the community such as teachers, support teachers and students and efficient apps or websites and a trustful payment platform for extras like after school hours tutoring.

The entertainment and recreation world is very much needed now more than ever before, The majority of the population are spending a lot of time inside their homes and almost everyone is looking to escape reality for a little while. As the whole world is experiencing a halt, the virtual becomes more crowded and busy, as it seems like the only form of entertainment is to go online, so the online entertainment business such as online gambling websites such as betting and casinos and gaming which also allows individuals to communicate and play together online which is booming and making huge profits, will continue to do so.

As the world is experiencing a new phase it has changed our life perspective and surprisingly reading habits have altered a permanent change.The coronavirus pandemic crisis has catalysed the expansion of e-commerce towards new companies, customers and products. It seems like a long term shift of e-commerce transactions from luxury products and services to daily requirements. Nowadays, if you have a physical store, but not an online platform to explain and introduce your goods or services, you simply don’t exist.You don’t need an expensive real estate to gain customers, all you need is a website or app showing all of your goods and services and easing your customers into ordering whatever they need

Many have invested in new business ideas and taken advantage of the situation and have made huge profits, Many have lost their businesses and many are just holding on in the hopes that things will change.

The impact COVID-19 has had on human life and businesses is indescribable so the one thing that can be done during this difficult time is to fullfil the demands and take advantage.

In conclusion the global pandemic has created an ever-lasting impact on the industrial landscape. Businesses are now navigating through the disruption seeking more and more solutions to help them thrive in a post-pandemic era. Now is the time to rethink partnerships, strategies and retool.