As cash payments were once dethroned by the introduction of cards, now it is time to hail the new monarch in the attire of smart phones. Mobile payment is an option that enables you to pay your bills through your smart phones and tablets. Apple Pay and Google Pay are the latest developments in the field and are gaining ground quickly in the UK payment industry. Apple Pay is on the lead given its longer history but according to recent polls, Google Pay will soon make the competition toe to toe. But no matter which one excels in this fierce rivalry, mobile payments will soon conquer the payment industry.

How Apple Pay and Google Pay Work and What Are the Advantages?

Yes what you’ve heard is right! Apple Pay and Google Pay do not need data nor WIFI internet connection to function. Once in a store, the payment will be completed through NFC (Near Field Communication), a chip that transmits the information regarding the status of the purchase to the compatible terminal. You don’t even need to have mobile signal for using Apple Pay and Google Pay!

But being user-friendly isn’t the only perk of Apple Pay and Google Pay. These only come second to the marvelous level of security implemented by these apps. Your card detail is kept secured through a system called tokenization that creates a virtual account which is used through the entire process of transaction without revealing any real information to the merchant. A tokenized card number and a cryptogram are all that is transferred in the process of transaction. But strict security measures are here hand in hand with an ease-of-access that is far superior to any other mobile payment option. You only need to unlock your phone to make payments with Google Pay while Apple pay requires only FaceID, TouchID or pin for authentication.

The Merits of Having Apple Pay and Google Pay on Your Website

Apple Pay and Google Pay are the perfect seamless payment option to takeaways, dine-in restaurants and other collective businesses listed under the general category of food industry. They work with most of the major credit and debit cards issued by top-rated banks and credit card companies including Visa, MasterCard, Barclays and American Express. The market share of latter industry will skyrocket from $881 Billion in 2018 to a staggering prediction of $3,081 Billion by 2024! The information above should persuade even the most adamant tech sceptics. But to further elucidate the matter, let’s discuss some of the main features of these supreme apps.


The cutting-edge technology that was introduced by Apple Pay and Google Pay takes Near Field Communication (NFC) system one step forward in terms of efficiency and speed. Transactions are completed without the need for any internet connection or even mobile signal. All transmitted data is encrypted and anonymous and thus super secured. According to the latest research on the subject of security, this option has played a key role in encouraging people to purchase online and leading the way towards more online orders. Using these apps will also rid you of the trouble of OTP and other bothersome security measures.


The pulse of life beats today with an extreme tempo and as a result people expect an advanced system to function efficiently, flawlessly and of course swiftly. That is exactly what Apple and Google pay offer; they are functional, fast and error-free. Once people get a taste of the safe and smooth transactions done via these apps, they will turn into your loyal customers.



Being at the top of your game must always surface in the list of your priorities and what better way to achieve that than opting for a payment option that is destined to conquer the future markets according to every study and poll!


How to Integrate Apple Pay into Your Website

The easiest option is to entrust the entire business of integration to a top-grade payment processor and here you have found one! PayEat is a payment processor which is specially designed to accommodate the requirements of the food industry. PayEat offers a wide range of options when it comes to payment methods, from Apple Pay, Google Pay and other digital wallet services to the more traditional online payment methods. Once you contact us and place an order, we will set the payment method of your choice on your website within 1 working day. Don’t hesitate then! Place an order, equip your website with top payment options and enjoy the growing prosperity of your business.